Season 22 Deck Lists

Early decks for Hearthstone's 22nd season (January 2016).

Hobgoblin Warlock

Hobgoblin Warlock Deck List

Warlock Cards

2x Reliquary Seeker

2x Voidwalker

2x Dark Peddlar

2x Imp Gang Boss

2x Imp-losion

Neutral Cards

2x Argent Squire

2x Zombie Chow

2x Echoing Ooze

2x Haunted Creeper

2x Knife Juggler

2x Lance Carrier

2x Hobgoblin

2x Defender of Argus

1x Gormok the Impaler

1x Loatheb

2x Sea Giant

This list is very similar to Zalae's Flood ZooLock with one minor change: -2x Abusive Sargent, +2x Lance Carrier. It never felt right playing Abusive Sarget on turn 1, so this change doesn't have too much impact on how the early game except for maybe two minions on turn 2. Lance Carrier seems better considering his buff carries over on Echoing Ooze (Abusive Sargent does not) and he gets buffed by Hobgoblin; the additional toughness is appreciated against mage and trades favorably against paladin.

I might try cutting Zombie Chow for Flame Imp because it trades better with Secret Keeper and the lifegain hurts if you aren't smart about trading (both are pretty bad later on though). I may even look at Mistress of Pain in that spot.

Published on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 7:59 PM.
Last updated on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 8:37 PM.