Hearthstone F2P Challenge - Day 6 Recap

Another fairly short day today. Just one arena run with rogue and after played a ranked game with warrior to get up to Rank 18.

Daily Quests

In the Arena with a Rogue

Day 6 Arena Choices

First of all, I didn't know it was "Let's all play Mage" day today, but apparently it was. The first four matches in this arena were against mage (and I went 3-1). Ended up 6-3 in this arena, going 3-3 against mages with a win against a druid and a loss against a warlock.

No legendaries this time around and just one fairly marginal epic, Cogmaster's Wrench.

Rogue Cards
1 Pit Snake 1
2 Defias Ringleader 1
2 Eviscerate 2
2 Goblin Auto-Barber 3
3 Cogmaster's Wrench 1
3 SI:Agent 1
3 Shadow Strike 2
3 Unearthed Raptor 1
4 Southsea Squidface 1
4 Tinker's Sharpsword Oil 1
Neutral Cards
1 Southsea Deckhand 1
1 Zealous Initiate 1
2 Bloodfen Raptor 1
2 Dire Wolf Alpha 1
2 Faerie Dragon 1
3 Harvest Golem 1
3 Raging Worgen 1
3 Tinkertown Technician 1
4 Cult Master 1
4 Dragonling Mechanic 1
4 Dread Corsair 1
5 Stormpike Commando 1
5 Venture Co. Mercenary 1
6 Corrupted Seer 1
6 Sunwalker 1
7 Bog Creeper 1

Bonus: I hit level 10 during this run.

Another Short Day

After the run, I disenchanted a golden rare to make a Azure Drake and had enough dust left over to create a second one. I played one ranked match with a C'Thun/Dragon hybrid warrior and that got me to rank 18.

Arena Pack

I'll probably take another day or two off so I can stack daily quests again. And honestly, I might end up taking advantage of this week's Friendly Feud event and cheese some quests by playing against my other account just to get through them (I really don't want to play priest or paladin right now, especially outside of the arena).

Published on Thursday, July 21st, 2016 at 5:40 PM.
Last updated on Thursday, July 21st, 2016 at 7:32 PM.