Hearthstone F2P Challenge - Day 20 Recap

Today set up for a rather big day, with three quests stacked up with enough gold to buy the third wing of Karazan. Unfortunately, the number of games I had to play to finish off my last quest was enough for me to save the wing for a different day.

Daily Quests

Today's quests were worth a bunch of gold, so it pushed me over the 700 gold hump for Karazan.

  • Win 5 games with mage or shaman.
  • Win 5 games with warlock or priest (oh no!)
  • Play a game with a friend

In addition to these three quests, one of my friends returned the favor with another play a friend quest.

Mage and Warlock, I mean Priest, in Constructed

I started at rank 18, ended at rank 17.

The mage quest went pretty easy, as I'm pretty comfortable with my standard deck. I ended up 5-3 with there.

It got bad when I needed to play either warlock or priest. I started out something like 2-8 with warlock before switching to priest. With priest, I went 1-5 before switching back to warlock. The warlock deck finished 2-5.

Next Day's Game Plan

Whenever I play next, I'll be play the third wing of Karazan and at least one brawl depending on how the daily quests line up.

Published on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 6:26 PM.
Last updated on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 6:51 PM.