Early December Hearthstone Ladder

I recently started playing Hearthstone again after taking at least a few months off. I quickly climbed to rank 10 in a day or two using a few decks. Any of the following decks can easily get you to the higher ranks, the two aggro decks (hunter and shaman) will work best for the first 15 or so levels, then you might want to switch to something like Raptor Rogue or Egg Druid.

Face Hunter List

Aggro Shaman List

Tempo Mage List

Raptor Rogue List

Egg Druid LIst

Face Hunter

Face Hunter is the most aggressive deck that I used and it's very good for rank 25 to rank 15; you probably won't lose a game unless you run into some bad luck and see a control warrior or priest. The main thing you need to remember is that you ignore whatever your opponent is doing and just attack the player (almost never their minions); save any hidden damage (direct damage, charge minions, and your hero power) for after board sweepers. If you have to kill minions, try to use Argent Horserider's divine shield and don't hesitate to play Abusive Sargent turn 1 into an empty board if that's your only play (it's almost always better than nothing).

Aggro Shaman

Aggro Shaman plays a lot like the hunter deck, but is a little more forgiving in terms of controlling the board state. It is very important to determine if you are the aggro or beatdown deck (if a mage plays a minion instead of using their hero power to kill your minion, go all out and drop everything). Don't trade your minions (force your opponent to do that), but look to kill minions when yours will survive the fight. Use your spells to clear the way for your minions and finish your opponent off with Doomhammer and Rockbitter Weapon.

Tempo Mage

Now we're onto a real deck. Tempo Mage forces you to make decisions in order to maintain control of the board instead of playing overly aggressive. While this deck doesn't have too many bad matchups, it is very inconsistent and relies on luck; sometimes you'll draw only spells and sometimes Flamewaker decides to do the wrong thing.

Raptor Rogue

Raptor Rogue is a midrange deathrattle deck that has very few bad matchups. The ideal start is Leper Gnome, Nerubian Egg, Unearthed Raptor, Piloted Shredder. Remember that you can Backstab your own Egg to get a 4/4, but Abusive Sargent and Cold Blooded is better. Keep the board clean and slowly beat your opponent down and you'll win most matches.

Egg Druid

Probably the most enjoyable deck of the five, Egg Druid uses a bunch of token generators to clog up the board and win with Savage Roar. The deck is really fast and surprisingly cheap to make (the only epic comes from Curse of Naxxramus and the only craftable rares that you need are Jeeves and Defender of Argus).

Around Rank 10...

Aggro decks kind of stop working once you get to rank 10 because most of your opponents have the cards to make a decent control deck or a Reno deck. Between Light Bomb, Cabal Shadow Priest, Justicar Trueheart, and Brawl, priests and warriors are the bane of most aggro decks.

Out of thes elists, look at using Raptor Rogue, Egg Druid, or Tempo Mage if you can handle the RNG (in that order). Otherwise, wait a few days for me to post the Ram Wrangler Hunter decklist that I've had quite a bit of success with lately.

Published on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at 4:52 AM.
Last updated on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at 5:30 AM.